Synergy in the (clean) air: Freshfilter and BMAIR join forces and merge as of 2024.

The right to work in clean air within a polluted work environment has been the shared ambition of Freshfilter and BMAir for years. Starting from January 2024, both parties will no longer compete but collaborate to achieve this goal in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

With a new European standard on the horizon, BMAir and Freshfilter combine forces to protect machine operators from polluted air in the work environment, similar to practices in the Netherlands. Former CEO of Freshfilter, Guido Mols, stated, "The companies complement each other excellently in their expertise. By pooling knowledge, skills, and experience, we can emphasize innovation while maintaining the highest quality. We develop products that can be easily installed by customers, are modular, and continuously monitor safety and air quality."

Product Innovation in 2024
After the merger, the companies will operate jointly under the name BMAir International B.V. starting from January 2024. The experts from Freshfilter bring their years of experience, in-depth knowledge, and work methods. It is evident that BMAir and Freshfilter are combining their strengths to introduce new developments as early as 2024. With the new European standard as a guide, the merger is expected to bring significant progress, particularly in the safety and quality of protective ventilation systems. Products from the current product range, including F20, F33, and F33R, along with their respective controllers, will remain available. Clear communication will be maintained with all stakeholders regarding the implications of developments or the introduction of new products. Filters for previously delivered systems will remain available, ensuring machine operators can continue their work safely.

Other Practical Matters / Practical Consequences of Business Integration
Behind the scenes, both parties are actively working on integration. From now on, quotes, order confirmations, and invoices will be sent under the name of BMAir International B.V.. Scheduled appointments will proceed as planned, and deliveries will also be carried out according to the agreement. Freshfilter aims to minimize any disruptions for you as a valued customer. If any unexpected changes occur, you will be promptly informed. Understandably, the merger may raise questions, and our colleagues are ready to address any uncertainties and assist you.

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