Freshfilter’s High-End System

The Freshfilter F50 system is a high-end Cab Air Quality System for all small machinery. The unique design combines all levels of fi ltration, making the F50 the ideal system for any environment.


The F50 and all its accessories are constructed of durable, long-lasting stainless steel and are powder-coated for a quality appearance. The 100mm air outlet creates smooth air fl ow and limits air fl ow noise. Tevens wordt de F50 standaard uitgerust met een RVS snelwisselframe. The F50 is also standard equipped with a stainless steel quick-change frame.


The F50 has high-quality quick-release fasteners for both the lid and the frame. The system can be easily moved without tools, for example for machine maintenance. Due to the compact fi lter size of 500x400mm, the system is also small and easy to place on machines.


The conveniently designed open top of the F50 makes it simple and easy to change out the fi lters. This accessible space has ample room for three fi lters, as well as a 10 kg activated carbon fi lter if necessary. Filters can be changed without additional tools.

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automatically and safe

The in-cab controller is designed to be user friendly and simple to understand. It automatically regulates and monitors cabin pressure, activating alarms if necessary to protect the operator.

Technical specifications

All components as well as the assembly parts are made of stainless steel. An F50 with accessories is therefore very durable.

Technical data F50
750 * 515 * 265 mm
37 kg not including filters
12 or 24 V, 240 W
F3000, F4000 & F6000
Max. Pressure
440 Pascal, 120m3/hr
ISO23875 /NEN4444 / CROW400
Dust filtration
P1 (ISO16890) / P3(H13) (EN1822)
Gas filtration
Up to 10 kg activated carbon filter (EN12941 / EN14387)

Dust pollution

1 - VF493950EU13

P3/H13 dust filter 50mm EN1822

2 - VF504010EU5

P1 dust filter 100mm ISO16890

Dust- and gas pollution

1 - KF493910ABEK *

Activated carbon fi lter ABEK 100mm - EN12941 / EN14387

2 - VF493938EU13

P3/H13 dust fi lter 38mm - EN1822

3 - VF504025EU5

P1 dust fi lter 25mm - ISO16890

* Other combinations are also possible in addition to ABEK activated carbon filter, such as A, AB and AK.