The F33R has a very limited height!

The F33R is a universal cabin air filtration system for lorries and compact excavators. The system is mostly used on lorries and can be mounted in the roof hatch with a brand-specific adapter.


The F33R system uses filters with dimensions of 600 x 336 and has a filling height of 150 mm. A 10 kg activated carbon filter, P1 in combination with a P3(H13) dust filter can be positioned in the filter compartment, making it suitable for the toughest decontamination categories.


The UV-resistant ABS hood on the F33R is easy to open, thanks to the tilting system. There is no need to remove the hood when replacing filters. This leaves the fitter’s hands free to replace the filters easily on the roof of the vehicle/machine.


The basis of the F33R overpressure filter system is produced by RVS in our own factory. By manufacturing our own product, we guarantee the use of only the highest quality materials. The F33R is fitted with quick-release locks, so that the system can be opened easily, without the need for tools.

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automatically and safe

The F33R is fully automatically operated from the control panel in the cabin. Freshfilter has a huge range to meet all needs, from a standard to a luxury model with internet connection and many different gas detection options.

Technical specifications

All components (except the ABS hood) and assembly parts are made of stainless steel, which makes the F33R and its accessories extremely durable.

Technical data F33R
715 * 665 * 235 mm
28 kg not including filters
12 or 24 V, 240 W
Max. Pressure
440 Pascal, 120m3 /hr
ISO23875 / NEN4444 / CROW400
Dust filtration
P1 (ISO16890) / P3(H13) (EN1822)
Gas filtration
Carbon filter 10 kg (EN12941/EN14387)

F33R dust only

1 - VF608720EU5

P1 pre-filter ISO16890

2 - VX603328EU13

P3(H13) dust filter 30mm EN1822

3 - VR603392

Empty filling space 92 mm


F33R dust & gas

1 - VF608720EU5

P1 pre-filter ISO16890

2 - VX603328EU13

P3(H13) dust filter 30mm EN1822

3 - KF603392ABEK *

Activated carbon filter ABEK 92mm EN12941 / EN14387


Freshfilter quick release system

* Other combinations are also possible in addition to ABEK activated carbon filter, such as A, AB and AK.