Cab Air Filtration Systems

Freshfilter’s high-quality stainless-steel Cab Air Filtration Systems blow purified air into the cab, preventing the influx of contaminated air.

Our tailormade rig-ups and cab sealing are professional. System control options are user friendly and simple.


Control your Cab Air Filtration System optimally with Freshfilter Digital Signaling.

 Our state-of-the-art controllers seamlessly match current cabin instrumentation, plus you benefit from data options like GPS, on-line monitoring, and remote support.

Cab Air filters

Benefit from the best protection with replacement filters from Freshfilter. Top quality replacement filters keep your team’s work environment safe.

Always in stock, and our advisors will be happy to help you choose the right one.


Why Freshfilter

Fast shipping

We produce our Cab Air Filtration Systems, replacement filters, frames, and fittings in-house. This way we can quickly meet all your needs, standard as well as tailormade.

Global Network

Efficient collaboration with international service partners creates localized solutions for all international legislation and quality requirements.

In-house construction

Our engineers manufacture premier equipment at Freshfilter’s research, development, and test facility.  Made entirely from stainless steel, our end product is durable, reliable, powerful.


All national- and international legislation's are applicable to our Cabin air filtration systems and Freshfilter Signaling systems.


We do that ourselves

An important advantage at Freshfilter is that our systems are produced in-house, conforming to rigorous Quality Control criteria. From raw sheet metal to finished professional stainless steel systems, full attention to safety, user-friendliness, and sustainability is our objective.